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The Music Head asks...

The Music Head:
I also was only able to use a small part of my library and am being told I have to wait to get the rest ..several hundred songs analyzed and made available. You can manually fix/add .. but each one .. one at a time? arg...I already have BPM's in my iTunes library.. why can't i use those? Its all just a bit frustrating. It's slow going and I still don't have my whole library.
If you want more of your songs to work with SynchStep, simply download SynchStep Prep from to analyze all of your songs at your own leisure. I might add the tempo selector to the start screen to make it easier for you to choose a tempo, though devices that support multi-tasking already solve this issue. Thanks for your feedback

BSMK asks...

bsmk says:
"It doesnt really do a good job on syncing while locked. I wanted it to change my music once I slow down but everytime I do it just starts vibrating and the sound goes dead."
"Locking the device normally (using the button on top of the iPhone/iPod) prevents SynchStep from working. Just remember to tap the "lock" icon (next to the resync button) within SynchStep INSTEAD of the hardware lock button on the top of your device."

synchstep prep for windows is just about ready!

good news: synchstep prep is coming back, and it’s better than ever.

this a piece of desktop software will analyze mp3/wav/au/ogg tracks you have in itunes and determine their tempos. this means that even if i can’t find the tempos on EchoNest, you can have tempos for every mp3 you have. that means synchstep can use all of those songs. exciting.

because the new synchstep prep uses the same echonest service, you can expect the same amazing accuracy in tempos. also, this means your computer isn’t actually doing any work, so you don’t have to let it run and not use your computer like almost every other analyzer. this thing uses about 1.5% of the cpu. =)

i’m proud to say that echonest was started by students of the mit media lab, my current alma mater, and their algorithms keep getting better and better.

you can expect synchstep prep to process about a song per minute and require very little cpu power and memory (unlike previous versions). you can leave this thing running in the background while you work. it’s going to suck up some bandwidth when it uploads tracks to echonest, but not terribly.

mac only for now, windows coming soon.

oh, and the best part? it’s one-click! as soon as a song gets a tempo via synchstep prep, synchstep on the iphone will automagically download that new tempo. you don’t even have to sync your phone!

only synchstep is capable of this awesome wireless updating, and has an analysis desktop app that uses so little of your computer’s power.


well, after 4 years of waiting, synchstep is live on itunes. yes, its $5. that’s less than the price of a beer on a friday night, and synchstep won’t make you want to throw up the next morning.

thanks everyone for waiting so patiently. i’ll be highlighting some of the new features in this latest version soon.

moment of truth.


so, since i still can’t release synchstep to the app store until they fix their bug, the project is sort of on hold.

there are reports of a few people experiencing issues with the current jailbreak version: they find that songs will play and then stop after a few seconds.

though i’m pretty busy now at MIT, i’m still working on the project. i’ve got two different versions im maintaining at the moment (one for jailbreak, one for the app store).

i’m planning to converge these two branches, which should help eliminate some bugs.

also, the 3.0 caused some new issues with the step detection which ive basically fixed.

sorry it’s taken me some time to update things, but heading back to school has been a bit hard on me.

SynchStep 3.0.2 now available on Cydia

If you happened to get 3.0 and had an issue with setup it should be fixed in 3.0.2.

Everyone else, go grab it. =)

SynchStep 3.0 Jailbreak submitted to Cydia

Well, a year later, it’s back and better than ever.

Look for Version 3.0 on Cydia in a day or so. I’ll post when it makes it onto Cydia.

For now, it’s back to work on SynchStep for OS 3.0.

public released seeded to beta testers.

unless i hear anything crazy from them, i’m submitting this to cydia tomorrow.

public released seeded to beta testers.

unless i hear anything crazy from them, i’m submitting this to cydia tomorrow.

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